1 a: the quality or state of being happy especially: great happiness.

b: an instance of happiness

2: something that causes happiness

~ Merriam-Webster Dictionary

My childhood came with many challenges. The moments I would recount when thinking or talking about those years were struggles. Reconnecting with my childhood best friend, I realized there were many joyful moments in repression before that time. Linking up with my bestie from the block has been a gentle reminder that I am in control of my happiness. At any moment, I can choose to shift my perspective for any time and situation that has taken place in my life. I actively choose joy as a state of being. This is why I create. In my multi-media practice, I navigate toward meditative processes. My creative execution is a haven for peace and healing. Building with my hands feeds my tactile nature. I have an affinity for textiles and their transformative properties. Using everyday materials such as ribbon, rope, metal, and glass echoes my view on life. Balancing soft and hard speaks to the ebb and flow of living. My work narrates my life. I choose to align with joyful experiences, the felicities. This is what this work is about.

For most of my life, I have taken actions to heal hurts and repair the effects of trauma from earlier years. These past few years of re-bonding, conversations, and introspection have been cathartic. I am grateful for all my life experiences. They have molded me into who I am. I appreciate the lessons and the light. I intend to continue to grow in raising my vibration as I create and share my work. My practice encourages peace and healing, which can manifest through the use of color and movement. These immersive experiences share therapeutic qualities, inspiring joy and increasing happiness and healing.

For those who recognize that they need it, may you find some level of healing when viewing the labor of my journey. May you choose happiness.

“Thoughts become things… focus on the good stuff.”

With appreciation and gratitude.

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