Artist Statement

The arts are a vehicle towards peace, balance, and healing.

When art is shared it has collective power.

The state of the world is at a critically pivotal place.

As a creative, I have a responsibility to share my talents and help to fuel this vehicle toward what is peaceful, balanced, and healing. This is what my work is about.

I am a participant of meticulousness.

I am a delver in details.

Pops of color delight me.

Controlled haphazardness intrigues me.

My work is meditative.

Creating frees me and brings me into a realm of peace and joy.

Repetition in nature resonates with me.

This repetition teaches me that all life is connected energy…

My intention is to share this empowering energy by sharing my art.

My themes focus on the spiritual practice of raising one’s vibration to find peace in, what can be, a tumultuous life. As a Black American Mother, witnessing trauma, micro aggression, and social injustice are daily occurrences. Whether in person, through social media feeds, newscasts, or entertainment narratives. Misogyny, sexism, racism, and ageism are the fabric of this country. As such, I have learned to weave my own antidote by finding and creating joy and peace in my existence, regardless of the circumstances. The practice of healing leads me to lean on angels, ancestors, guides, and vanguards. These entities guide me in quilting healing armor. These are the stories I am interested in telling.

My pieces entice the viewer to touch the work and inspire movement and connection.

With a strong background in fashion and jewelry, I have an affinity for textiles and
embellishments. I use linear materials to create volume. Like the foundation of woven fabric that starts with a thread and is worked into yards of tapestry with skill and intention. I build works on paper, wearable and sculptural pieces that tell stories to encourage and empower. My materials include crocheted ribbons, yarns, ropes, and cords, as well as wire, fused glass, semi-precious stone and flamework beads. My intention in creating this work is to pull up joy, peace, balance, and playfulness from the viewer. And continue conversations that lead to healing which is desperately needed in my community and especially for women of color.

I believe that this work that encourages and empowers with movement and wonder is needed in the world.